raintops_fliese_fuchsiaSince about one year while walking through the city one can’t ignore tourists posing in front of, erm… yes, nearly everything, taking a picture of themselves with the help of an extendable stick. A stick holding their one and only life companion: their smartphone.

Instead of asking someone for help and daring to communicate in real life this species favors a technical device to document their current status. Before, the so-called “selfies” were characterized by a charming optical distortion. Now, with the help of the “magic stick” a new world opens up.

Together with the ground-breaking invention of segways selfie-sticks represent the ultimate tourist device for a double-time exploration of the city. But let’s have a look on the dark side: Some museums had to quickly discuss the upcoming risk of damaging artworks and spectators with this monstrous instrument…

Take your culinary selfie (with a stick?!).

Written by uncontrolled pedestrians

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