raintops_fliese_fuchsiaJust recently I had to laugh. There were the two of us, he in a pink sweater, me in a blue one. Exactly the other way round, I thought. Shortly before I was looking to buy trousers for the male baby of a friend and again, I realized how difficult it is to really choose the colour. There I found pink-violet-red on one side and blue-green-brown on the other. What if I just looked for something in between?

Pink girls and blue boys – before 1900 it actually was the other way round. Pink, the little Red, the colour of the ruler, belonged to male kids and Blue, like the sky, to the females. So an act of reversal is not really so subversive after all. Is it not the real Gender-Madness if we divide (especially very young) human beings into colours depending on their private parts?

Colours are for everybody. To be able to freely decide between pink and blue at any time – a manifesto for consumption. Gender-Madness, absolutely right!

Written by uncontrolled pedestrians

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