raintops_fliese_violettOne evening I am sitting on the couch in front of my laptop and reading an e-mail by a close friend. She is currently in a hotel in Paris neighbouring the bars that were aimed at by gun men. She had even thought about going there this evening, but in the end decided to travel to another part of town. I am so relieved.

All of a sudden a shot falls outside or did something just fall over? It hits me hard. Fear of one`s own life, of the future. Thoughts about how anything still makes sense if you look at our world. Thinking of my own position, how exaggerated that fear is, when so many more people in Europe are killed in traffic accidents than by terrorist acts. And still it is human that the feeling of fear intensifies the closer the tragic events. But fear also somehow means unfreedom. Is insecurity and chaos the normal condition then?

Cook your fear to rags or is she going to be a side yet again?

Written by uncontrolled pedestrians

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