raintops was born on a summer evening with heavy rain. But this is not a fairytale – it is conceptual cooking or: cuisine with a meaning.

Installations, performances, still lifes, readymades, poems, painting, drama on a plate – telling stories, expressing thoughts, posing questions. It is about the concept and craft alike. What else is art than creating new experiences, than thoughtful playfulness?

But: we won`t play with the food, we will take it seriously – celebrating curious diverse and creative food culture that deals with everyday issues we encounter as artists and as human beings.

The project: Two artists, 8 conceptual tasks. Food as the medium.

The outcome: 8 artworks in dishes – complete with recipes, concept and pictures.





uncontrolled pedestrians are two sisters who meet at the crossroads between theatre, visual arts, performance, installation, politics and society. They like to have other artists crossing their zebra stripe to take a walk with them for a while. Moving is at the heart of the matter. No traffic lights needed.

The artists’ collective was founded in 2012. It is based upon the cooperative between Hanna Rohn as a dramaturg performance maker, performer and Julia Rohn as photographer, visual artist, anthropologist.

The philosophy of uncontrolled pedestrians is rooted in the metaphor of freely moving pedestrians who are the only road users able to meander through urban structures and rural landscapes alike.They don’t have to follow predetermined routes as they can cross the lines in their own ways to create new perspectives.

uncontrolled pedestrians are therefore working with diverse art forms and materials, they like to experiment, fantasise and challenge the distinction between art and daily life – with politically or socially relevant and research informed thinking at the core of their practice.

uncontrolled pedestrians. CROSSING THE ZEBRA.


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