RECIPE 8: And if they did not die, they live until today.

Bean champignon stew with chocolate and fresh herbs on black pasta threatened by a raw egg   Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. Yes, terrorist attacks scare me. But it equally scares me, if there is talking about war as a reaction… Read more »


TASK 8: About fear

One evening I am sitting on the couch in front of my laptop and reading an e-mail by a close friend. She is currently in a hotel in Paris neighbouring the bars that were aimed at by gun men. She had even thought about going there this evening, but in the end decided to travel… Read more »


RECIPE 7: Fishpurple

Salmon Blackberry // Raspberry Ceviche on Avocado, Peanuts and Quinoa A big fish. Mute like a fish. Lively like fish. Pink like a fish. Purple like a fish. Or so. Ascriptions, comparisons, metaphors. Without them we‘re lost. We need them, these miserable pigeonholes. Because it is just so simple. Open, put the cliche in, close…. Read more »


TASK 7: Gender-Madness, absolutely right!

Just recently I had to laugh. There were the two of us, he in a pink sweater, me in a blue one. Exactly the other way round, I thought. Shortly before I was looking to buy trousers for the male baby of a friend and again, I realized how difficult it is to really choose… Read more »


Recipe 6: Square Schnitzel with Triangle Fries

Chicken Schnitzel with pumpkin seed coating Potatoe Chips Corn Salad with Pumpkin Seed Oil Lingonberry Jam     Even I cannot avoid certain clichés when asked what „Home/Heimat“ means to me. Besides being convinced that everyone carries several „homes“ inside oneself, when I think of Austria I see mountains, lakes, nature – and schnitzel. It`s… Read more »


BRIEF 6: The Eastern Sound of Kangaroos

As a performance artist I tend to travel a lot. As an Austrian artist I can`t expect people to always know what my very small home country is all about. Basically there is three main reactions, the first of which will probably send chills of recognition to every Austrian who has ever travelled abroad. People… Read more »


RECIPE 5: Burger of Compromise

Sesame-Burger with Beanpatty     My life is a compromise, with the least financial input. I am a young artist. And actually, I think, i have it good. Perhaps this is down to the fact that i am just fullfilling myself. Yes, even that you are accused of. Because I have a profession that offers… Read more »


TASK 5: I was young and needed the money

It is quite interesting to look at the terms ‘young’ or ‘emerging artist‘: You would think it applies to the likes of me: being in my mid-twenties, having just finished a Master degree in my artistic profession and having had some public exposure in exhibitions. But actually I have the feeling that this category is… Read more »


Recipe 4: Selfie on a Skewer

Lemon-Fennel-Chicken-Skewer with Feta-Sauce and Deep Fried Sage     Ingredients for the perfect selfie: 57kg me, a dash of duckface or alternative poultry, 2x winning smile, the right filter or spices, self-arranged on and with a screen and stick. Endlessly combinable, but still tastes the same (and good) – this consumable mirror image. Selfies in… Read more »


TASK 4: Culinary Selfie

Since about one year while walking through the city one can’t ignore tourists posing in front of, erm… yes, nearly everything, taking a picture of themselves with the help of an extendable stick. A stick holding their one and only life companion: their smartphone. Instead of asking someone for help and daring to communicate in… Read more »

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    RECIPE 3: Je suis Integratin

    Potato Lentil Tahini Gratin with Cheese from the Alps and Pomegranate Rose Sauce   Je suis what I am. Posing myself the question what fights of belief are about, I come to the conclusion that the core of these ideological battles – whether it is (post)colonialism, religious fundamentalism, racism or sexism – lies in our… Read more »

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    TASK 3: Je suis?

    Je suis. In the light of the Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo people and organisations have shown solidarity with the victims by adopting this line. Others have criticised this movement for not in the same way solidarizing itself with the thousands of victims of recent terrorist attacks on villagers in Nigeria. What is this all… Read more »

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    RECIPE 2: Snows of Yesteryear

    Going for a walk and looking for yesteryear`s snows. Finding small islands of white, drawing patterns on a January landscape, that looks like an April – at least. Later I will learn the reason for shedding my many-layered winter skins – 21 degrees. Even the seasons take part in globalisation, you can`t rely on them… Read more »

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    Task 2: Snow

    There is no snows of yesteryear. No chaos on the roads, no dripping wet shoes – while the Goretex winterboots market explodes. The new white gold plays hard to get. Instead roses blossom in our gardens and butterflies touch down on many-coloured winter jackets. While over here we are worried about christmas nostalgia and winter… Read more »

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    RECIPE 1: A limited sculpture on a small act of subversion

    Cucumber Apple Pear Peel Salad   We don’t eat it. It is the outside. It is thrown away. The skin protects the good pulp: juicy, fresh and homogenous it lies inside, awaiting its consumption. Unpeeled is inpalatable? No, there the border lies in front of our eyes, on our hands? What if we ate only… Read more »

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    Task 1: Borders

    “The fortress Europe” – a constantly recurring theme these days. On one hand, a half-secret pan-european police operation is run to hunt down “illegal” persons in intensified controls at airports, train stations and country borders. I am flying from London to Austria and probably witness one of these controls. Three police men with machine guns… Read more »